Bath Design

Hamam is a precautionary culture that has come from the Ottoman times to this day, that is, to the present. The architecture of the baths has a very striking effect. Baths are seen to be beneficial for people both physically and spiritually. When we look at the health side, it is known that it has many benefits for people as a treatment. It is very important in the treatment of shortness of breath and chronic diseases similar to these. In addition, it can be a treatment method for joint pain with the recommendation of physicians. There are stones used in baths, all embroidery, all the products that require care in all details.

Where Are Baths?


In addition to the baths that are built in hotels and as public baths, it is very easy to enjoy hammam in our homes in our current life. Today, all people want to have very comfortable and luxurious living conditions. It is known that baths have relaxing, relaxing and stress reducing effects. Therefore, the construction of baths in buildings has increased considerably in recent years.

The products that will be used in the construction of baths should be chosen carefully. Considering that the temperature is high and people use it continuously, it must be durable for many years.

Materials Used in Bath Design

  • Ceramic
  • Gems
  • Marble
  • Taps
  • Products of heating methods
  • Products of the ventilation method
  • Selection of wooden products that can be used in the bath door

These are the must-have products for the design of baths.

Features of Baths

Since the materials to be used in the bath will be used for a long time, they must be durable. The marbles you will use in the bath should be selected in good quality. Those that do not have spaces between them should be the first among those you should prefer. The selection of marble is very important, as water will enter and wear out.

Heating method can be done in two kinds; These are methods made with pipes and methods made with cables. Since heating methods will be used for years, a lot of effort should be made to maintain their durability. Since the heating method is done at first, it is necessary to check the heating method before the top is made, before the marble is laid. Because it is very difficult to have a problem after the marbles are laid. Therefore, the people who will spread the bath design must have sufficient facilities. It is also very important in terms of fees. A very significant fee is required for the bath equipment. Therefore, it should be used for many years with the expenditure to be made at one time.

A very good quality possible is required in marble, which should be chosen as the core stone. The most important thing in the bath is the ventilation method because the baths are very hot, so ventilation methods should work very well in order not to disturb this temperature.

Turkish Bath Models

A wide variety of high quality bath models are offered for Turkish baths, homes and places to be used commercially. Since the size and area of ​​the baths designed for hotels and other places is large, the workmanship is more here. Due to the fact that baths are used too much by people, great care should be taken when building baths.

The navel stone, as a place that is widely used in the Turkish bath, these stones can be round, square and rectangular and in different geometric shapes. These choices depend on the wishes of the people. It is used in more than one basin in baths. These basins differ a lot in shape. Their sizes are adjusted according to the shape of the ground. In order for people to have an enjoyable and good time, attention should be paid to the finest details.

Household baths are built in smaller areas. The number of basins is arranged according to the number of these baths and the people living and the design is made. Choosing the place of the bath to be built at home is very important. Care should be taken that it does not affect other heating and cooling methods in the house. Ottoman architecture can also be used in these baths. For example, if there is space to put belly stones in the bath to be built at home, a belly stone can be put. However, navel stones are not preferred in home baths. Our baths continue as an indispensable cultural tradition by people from the past and today.

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Bath Design

Hamam is a precautionary culture that has come from the Ottoman times to this day, that is, to the present. The architecture of the baths has a very striking effect. Baths are seen to be beneficial for people both physically and spiritually. When we look at the health side, it is known that it has […]